Using the Jackpot Side Bet

Most gamblers and casino players’ greatest fear is not being able to get more winnings from a game that they excel. While the attention of professional gamblers focuses on exploring for ways that will help them get an edge or be advantageous over other players, the main goal of most beginners or starters revolves around learning basic techniques that will lead them to a more successful path which means increasing their stakes.

No doubt that placing side bets in a casino game like Caribbean stud will help beginners achieve their goals and plans. The presence of a jackpot side bet in this fast-paced poker game enables them to have a chance to improve their wins. Even in other casino games, most professional gamblers find side bets helpful to enhance their entire bankroll. Hence, let us first take a look at how jackpot side bet works in Caribbean stud so that beginners can decide if this is really helpful to them.

Even if some players criticize this bet because its house edge is 26.46 per cent, beginners are still encourage to continue placing a side bet in Caribbean stud because it will help them increase their stake even if they did not beat the dealer’s hand. Everyone should be aware that payouts in side bets also vary in casinos so there may be facilities that offer better pay tables than others.

The standard side bet pay table followed in Caribbean stud is as follows: a royal flush pays 100 per cent of the pot, a straight flush pays 10 per cent of the pot, a four of a kind gets $100, a full house gets $75 and a flush gets $50. Again, side bet winnings only apply to the dominant hands in the game so it is important that players first one of these hand rankings.

Placing side bets works for players who are experienced and who are most of the time lucky when they play Caribbean stud. For beginners, they should ask for the opinion of their mentors or other advanced poker players to have an idea whether they are prepared or not to make this type of bet. Jackpot side bets in this poker game are not risky but players should be reminded that whatever the results of their decision are, it is still them who are responsible so they should not play the game if they are unprepared and not yet skilled.