The History of Poker

Poker is considered to be the American national game. But in fact, poker has already become an international card game. The principle of playing poker is based on the rule that he winning hand is the one having the most unusual combination of cards.

Poker is said to originate in Persia. About 400 years ago the Persians played a game called As Nas. It contained twenty-card deck, 4 players, 5 cards dealt to each.There were no cards left over and no draw.

Then poker got its development in Europe. In 1600s in Germany there was a game called pochen. This word meant “bluff,” or “to brag”. The game pochen developed in the early English game brag and the French game poque. Probably this French name poque gave the name to the modern poker we know today.

What is now know as poker was formed in the United States in the 1830s. Until the year 1803 New Orleans and the valley of Mississippi River were the territory of France. The main language was French and people used to play French card games. After the Louisiana Purchase this territory got inhabited by a large number of English-speaking people. They got influenced by the French customs and traditions they found there. In such a way the French game poque was adopted but so that it sounded more familiar the name was changed into poker. These facts can not be 100% true, but they seem to be logical and all poker historians accept it.

The 1970’s was the time when modern poker started. Then the World Series of Poker was developed but at first there weren’t a lot players who took part in the tournaments and people used to play with each other. Since that times the poker has become one of the greatest hobbies in the world.

Nowadays millions of people all over the world play poker. Las Vegas is considered to be the place where the biggest poker events of the year take place. It is a point of patriotic pride for every American to know how to play this legendary card game.

With the technological advancement poker has turned into the most widely played game due to the availability of Internet.

The major tournaments that once featured no more than 100 poker players are now filled with thousands of hopefuls and great sums of money on the line. Finally poker has become an accepted game. Unlike 25-50 years ago when poker was frowned upon and to play poker was almost unheard of.