Taking Insurance In Casino

Never split under any circumstances you have a twenty hey guys and when did this go into you know the insurance bet and blackjack and when when to buy it basically here on the on the layout you see insurance pays two-to-one what it is it is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack you’ll get offered that only when the dealer was showing an ace right now deal will go around the table you know would you like insurance and with insurance then what you would have to do you would have to put up half of your bed it’s like you would put you know you put up two up to half your original bet on you know the fact that he’s got a blackjack in the case if he does then you know the bet you know would get paid two to one. ore anout online casino blackjack at CasinoSlots.

And then the player would lose his original bit but then he gets it back in the form of his insurance in the case that he doesn’t then the dealer doesn’t have blackjack which I don’t then take the insurance money lock that up and then play would continue from there right in the case of a black you know the play with the blackjack if you players got a blackjack versus an Hayes what you can do you know there are two ways to do it some casinos will actually require you to pay insurance all right I’d like believe you know landok City has that role where you have to put up the money to get insured you know to you know to get your money back what a lot of other casinos do they give you an option for even money and it’s actually the exact same thing you know where you know the player will you know get offered you know to get to take even money before I check for blackjack right what ends up have and no go over the math here.

If you know if he takes insurance and dealer does have blackjack then you wins a thousand here pushes over here with the net win four thousand if the dealer if the player doesn’t it you know if player doesn’t take it and takes even money instead player still gets a thousand so it either way it’s the exact same bet and as far as when to do it I advise against anybody taking insurance because you know the amount that you’re getting paid you get paid two to one and the you know the odds that the dealer actually has a blackjack it comes out to about about thirty percent and change right because you know there are thirteen ranks of the cards ace through King and four of them are tens so you know it doesn’t really you know like the map doesn’t really warrant the play exceptions can be made where you know like say you know you just have a bad feeling because you know a lot of times you know gambling that’s what it comes down to you know it’s not always about making mathematically correct.