Craziest Things You See in Vegas

Hi guys we are in Vegas today, and I’m here with Brendan from Cheeky Truth. Hey guys. So, we… you know Vegas is known to be like an insane crazy place right.

Absolutely. Absolutely. You live here.

Yeah, it’s crazy. So we decided to actually go around and find out what is the craziest thing people have done or seen? Mhmm.

Are you ready? Let’s go find some victims. Let’s go. The craziest thing that you’ve seen in Las Vegas is…? Lots and lots of fights, arguments, um people running out in the street…

This actually hurts Officer Karen and officer Key. And what do you ladies do? …spank people for a living? Just this big lady, she had her purse she was like whacking him with her purse and stuff…was yelling at her… largely they’ll beat the shit out of her husband for like looking at us sometime…I don’t know Craziest thing I’ve actually seen was a couple… in a corner over there, actually was all the way down in the corner there. She was giving him a blow job.

But, I mean… I rooted them on. Don’t send your wife here. Our friend Aaron married girls like, make out with him all the time.

and like, hook up with him in like, closets or like, hotels and stuff. It’s ridicu… while their husbands like up in the room just chilling. The famous line is…uh I’m not married yet. Do you take your snake with you when it comes to… Oh, absolutely!

I mean this snake, and that one down there too. They both wrap around your neck What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in Vegas so far? …I have to say this on the record?

I’m just kidding. I had cheese on my burger, and I’m lactose intolerant. She was petrified. Did you see that? I’m Batman He is the craziest thing I’ve seen today. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman The Flash, Aquaman Wow Nerves of steel I think he’s Eastern European.

Everyone’s pretty brave tonight. I think Eastern Europeans are not scared of anything. Stubbs the Pirate Arrrgh! Oh! I hate when people say Arrgh!

People get crazy around me. Well, there’s a lot of head between the crotch uh, moments. Craziest thing I done was visit Crypto Informer in front of the police. Because it’s legal here? No, it was before it was legal. Oh before.

I mean I told ’em my name’s John Holmes and they started laughing because I have a porn star name. So that’s what it was I don’t really know how to dance but… I know how to holla at a female, so that’s my special talent I got talents in the bedroom. I mean… I’m a promoter and I’m a nightclub security.

There was a lady, um, being wheel-chaired for being drunk and passed out and as we were wheeled shelling her… wheel-chairing her out She gets up out of nowhere and starts freaking out about some guy that she’s looking for and goes crazy So we’re kind of like, wrestling her down and then like trying to get her out of the club. You sure you can do this We do this every day. Something that stands out to me the most is the immense amount of hookers that walk around our streets. They’re everywhere.

What’s your name? Alan Gardener …my baby, Carlos. I found him. Not on the table Carlos! Tonight he’s getting drunk man!

Girls fighting each other people shooting in the park a lot But that’s normal to us. …that’s night club …so it’s not really crazy anymore. It’s not crazy it’s just crazy to other people, I guess. When a monkey nibbles on a penis it’s funny in any language. So hope you guys enjoyed the article We’ve seen some pretty crazy things today Really crazy.